2017 Patagonia

Date & Time: 
August 7, 2017 - 6:00am
Meeting Place: 
Gathering Grounds in downtown Patagonia
Rich Bailowitz
Compiler Email: 

This count is almost always  in the top 3 in the nation for species numbers and many times the top count. Last year the count recorded 16 national high counts including the only White Angled-Sulphurs. Compilation Dinner will be at Wagon Wheel in Patagonia at 5 PM or so.

Contact the compiler for further details or to let him know in advance that you will be participating.


Trip Butterfly Reports: 

Butterflies counted:


Swallowtails                                   Papilionidae

Pipevine Swallowtail                    Battus philenor  48

Two-tailed Swallowtail                Papilio multicaudata  26

Whites and Sulphurs                   Pieridae

Checkered White                          Pontia protodice  1

Cabbage White                              Pieris rapae  6

Orange Sulphur                              Colias eurytheme  26

Southern Dogface                        Colias cesonia  10

Cloudless Sulphur                          Phoebis sennae  217

Mexican Yellow                             Eurema Mexicana  68

Sleepy Orange                               Eurema nicippe  27

Dainty Sulphur                               Nathalis iole  20

Hairstreaks, Elfins, Blues            Lycaenidae

Siva' Juniper Hairstreak               Callophrys gryneus siva  3

Gray Hairstreak                             Strymon melinus  1

Leda Ministreak                             Ministrymon leda  1

Arizona Hairstreak                        Erora quaderna  6

Western Pygmy-Blue                   Brephidium exile  4

Marine Blue                                   Leptotes marina  68

Ceraunus Blue                               Hemiargus ceraunus  18

Reakirt’s Blue                                 Hemiargus isola  9

Metalmarks                                   Riodinidae

Fatal Metalmark                            Calephelis nemesis  13

Zela Metalmark                             Emesis zela  9

Palmer's Metalmark                     Apodemia palmeri  3

Snout Butterflies                          Libytheidae

American Snout                             Libytheana carinenta  31

Brush-Footed Butterflies            Nymphalidae

Variegated Fritillary                      Euptoieta Claudia  9

Gulf Fritillary                                  Agraulis vanilla 12

Theona Checkerspot                    Chlosyne theona  25

Bordered Patch                             Chlosyne lacinia  153

Elf                                                     Microtia elva  1

Tiny Checkerspot                          Dymasia dymas  316

Elada Checkerspot                        Texola elada  90

Texan Crescent                              Phyciodes texana  3

Pearl Crescent                               Phyciodes tharos  5

Mexican Crescent                         Phyciodes pallescens

Painted Crescent                           Phyciodes picta  9

Painted Lady                                  Vanessa cardui  96

West Coast Lady                           Vanessa annabella

Red Admiral                                    Vanessa atalanta  1

Common Buckeye                         Junonia coenia  11

‘Dark’ Tropical Buckeye               J.genoveva nigrosuffusa  8

Red-spotted Purple                      Limenitis arthemis astyanax  1

Viceroy                                            Limenitis archippus  5

‘Arizona’ California Sister            Adelpha bredowii  3

Hackberry Emperor                      Asterocampa celtis  2

Empress Leilia                                Asterocampa leilia  4

Red Satyr                                        Megisto rubricate  3

Monarch                                         Danaus plexippus  4

Queen                                              Danaus gilippus  23

Skippers                                          Hesperiidae

Dull Firetip                                      Pyrrhopyge araxes   9

Arizona Skipper                             Codatractus arizonensis  15

Valeriana Skipper                         Codatractus mysie  1

Golden-banded Skipper               Autochton cellus  70

Desert Cloudywing                       Achalarus casica  3

Northern Cloudywing                  Thorybes pylades  92

Drusius Cloudywing                      Thorybes drusius  16

Acacia Skipper                                Cogia hippalus  100

Gold-costa Skipper                        Cogia caicus  1

Golden-headed Scallopwing      Staphylus ceos  8

Arizona Powdered-Skipper         Systasea zampa  1

Mournful Duskywing                    Erynnis tristis  1

Funereal Duskywing                     Erynnis funeralis  16

Checkered-Skipper sp.                Pyrgus communis/albescens 17

Desert Checkered-Skipper          Pyrgus philetas  1

Common Streaky-Skipper            Celotes nessus  3

Common Sootywing                     Pholisora Catullus  14

Many-spotted Skipperling           Piruna cingo  58

Orange Skipperling                       Copaeodes aurantiacus  2

Fiery Skipper                                  Hylephila phyleus  13

Pahaska Skipper                            Hesperia Pahaska  1

Moon-marked Skipper                 Atrytonopsis lunus  8

Viereck's Skipper                           Atrytonopsis vierecki

Large Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes exoteria  5

Cassus Roadside-Skipper             Amblyscirtes cassus  3

Bronze Roadside-Skipper            Amblyscirtes aenus  21

Elissa Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes elissa  26

Texas Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes texanae  6

Toltec Roadside-Skipper              Amblyscirtes tolteca  3

Slaty Roadside-Skipper                Amblyscirtes Nereus  1

Nysa Roadside-Skipper                Amblyscirtes nysa  13

Dotted Roadside-Skipper            Amblyscirtes eos  26  

Eufala Skipper                                Lerodea eufala  1